Conflict Management

Pain Point: False Harmony & Nothing Changes

When conflict in the workplace erupts it can be personal and harmful, often directed at the wrong issues, negatively affecting performance and productivity. Paralysis not Progress! Because of this many leaders fear and avoid conflict at all costs… a big mistake!

How I Can Help

Through understanding how and where conflict is both beneficial and imperative to sustained growth, we can harness the energy of healthy conflict and build a high-trust environment where debate around issues is passionate and key to team and system development.

conflict resolution

If you are experiencing the symptoms and fallout of damaging conflict with no profitable exchange of ideas, no healthy disagreement, or anything happening to inspire or motivate, then you must act to avoid escalation. We may pretend that everything is ok but everyone is just going through the motions: meetings are boring and ultimately counter-productive.

To regain forward momentum, we must build trust and encourage robust debate and conflict. Through my own boardroom experience and conflict management skills, I know that doing this by yourself can be difficult with so many demands on your time and resources.

Get in touch today to learn how I can help you to channel conflict energy into positive outcomes. From my Norfolk base, I work with clients in East Anglia, nationally and internationally.

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