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Wisdom Walks 2 Sample I recently learned from Grant Leboff of Sticky Marketing, that we need to understand not only the demographics but also the psychographics and habits of our

60 – Old enough to Mentor – Still fit enough to walk & talk… Wisdom Walks! I just turned 60… maybe not a great achievement in itself, however it has

The Beliefs you choose and the Goals you set are the vital key drivers which will have the greatest impact on your personal effectiveness as a leader. We are certainly

Transforming the VUCA world I have for many years been using the acronym VUCA (which was originally used by the military in Afghanistan) as a way to help frame the

Brace yourself… It is 2021. A year for growth! So, we have now entered the New Year with some trepidation; Brexit is done and Covid still dominates the news. These

The economic outlook and why we will recover fast after lockdown is lifted! The following slides and notes were taken from a presentation by Behavioural Economist Roger Martin-Fagg in June

COVID-19 offers us an escape from a much bigger mess,but only if we’re brave enough to try it. Here I want to share perhaps the most significant article that I

The current news is all about returning to the workplace. Once we are given the go-ahead for our industry sector how should we address all the concerns around safety for

In times of crisis such as we are currently experiencing, your role as leader is even more important as you bring hope to your people. Whilst we must first acknowledge