DB11 CEO Peer Group

The DB11 CEO Peer Group is a unique program aimed at providing high-level executives with the skills, resources and support they need to succeed. Our program offers comprehensive leadership development, wellbeing support, and sustainable development strategies. Members meet monthly for a day of speaker presentations and peer sharing, and take two retreats each year to focus on goal setting and experiential learning. Each member also receives monthly one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

Joining a peer group can provide a CEO with invaluable insights and support. Peers can provide advice on best practices, offer constructive feedback, and offer support during challenging times. It can also be a great way for a CEO to network and stay informed of the latest industry trends.

Our program is based on 3 pillars which guide our choice of speaker topics and experiences each year; you will be required to commit to:

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are the qualities and abilities that enable someone to be a successful leader. These skills include the ability to motivate and inspire others, to communicate effectively, to encourage collaboration, to make decisions, to problem solve, and to think strategically.


Wellbeing at work is the state of health, comfort, and satisfaction that workers experience in their work environment. It is important for employers to promote workplace wellbeing among their employees in order to increase job satisfaction, improve productivity, and reduce employee turnover. Strategies for promoting wellbeing at work may include providing flexible work arrangements, offering wellness programs, and creating a positive and supportive work culture.


Sustainable development is a term used to describe the process of balancing economic growth and development with environmental protection. It is an approach to development that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development is based on the principles of social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic efficiency.

We meet for a day every month to work on our business together, the morning is generally with a speaker and the afternoons we help each other with whatever challenges and opportunities are most pressing.

Every year we have two retreats where we share and review our goals whilst experiencing something new and having fun together.

Last year we walked Scaffel Pike and we had a day kayaking the river Wye!

Also included in the membership package is monthly 121 coaching /mentoring.

If you are based within 60 miles of my home town in Fakenham; you are leading an organisation that is growing and wants to grow faster and you can say yes to the 3 conditions above then we should start a conversation to assess your suitability for a membership of DB11.

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