Leadership Coaching

Top performers in all walks of life, sport and business may use a coach to help them improve their performance, sometimes for a specific area of their game and more generally as a sounding board and agent provocateur to help them raise awareness and gain new perspective, often leading to a new course of action.

I work 121 with many clients meeting face to face, via zoom or often to walk and talk.

If you feel that now may be the time to get some help to clarify your thinking or raise your game to meet a new opportunity or challenge then please get in touch asap.

I would be delighted to design a package of sessions to suit your needs.

Joining a peer group can provide a CEO with invaluable insights and support. Peers can provide advice on best practices, offer constructive feedback, and offer support during challenging times. It can also be a great way for a CEO to network and stay informed of the latest industry trends.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are the qualities and abilities that enable someone to be a successful leader. These skills include the ability to motivate and inspire others, to communicate effectively, to encourage collaboration, to make decisions, to problem solve, and to think strategically.


Wellbeing at work is the state of health, comfort, and satisfaction that workers experience in their work environment. It is important for employers to promote workplace wellbeing among their employees in order to increase job satisfaction, improve productivity, and reduce employee turnover. Strategies for promoting wellbeing at work may include providing flexible work arrangements, offering wellness programs, and creating a positive and supportive work culture.


Sustainable development is a term used to describe the process of balancing economic growth and development with environmental protection. It is an approach to development that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development is based on the principles of social equity, environmental stewardship, and economic efficiency.

Leadership Coaching/Mentoring

Leadership coaching and mentoring are invaluable tools for helping leaders develop and refine their skills. Leadership coaching helps leaders to identify and develop their strengths and weaknesses, while mentoring provides guidance and support in navigating the workplace and achieving success. Together, these two approaches can be combined to create a comprehensive and effective leadership development program.

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