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Decision Making: The Tough Calls

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Good decisions define good leaders. In business, some decision-making is drawn from your own experience and intuition or with team input. Next-level business decisions, however, are complex and strategic (often confidential) and tough to make alone, this is where you need more perspectives before you can make the right choice. Finding a Decision-Making Skills Coach will help you understand those perspectives and make the best decisions for you and your business.

Getting help from a Decision Making Skills Coach

As your Decision-Making Skills Coach, I will act as your guide, ensuring that you adopt the most effective approach to key business decisions. I will help you to recognise opportunities, take effective steps and free yourself from unconscious (cognitive) bias.

Business Decision Making Guide David Brient makes a speech on Decision Making Skills in Norfolk, UK

We make thousands of decisions every day. Making a choice is easy. Choosing well takes knowledge and skill. With a Decision-Making Skills Coach, you can learn to approach business decisions differently, and start to make better long-term decisions.

When considering highly successful leaders, we often attribute their success to their decision-making competence. Learning decision skills with experienced coaching will provide you with the opportunity and tools to increase positive outcomes while decreasing the consequences of failure.

Many of the business decisions we make daily are made out of habit but raising these selections to a conscious level enables evaluation, analysis and self-reflection. Approaching even minor decisions in this way will greatly improve your ability to make the right choices when facing issues with important consequences for your future.

Let me help you, as I have helped many others, to become a more effective decision-maker. Contact me today to discover how. I work with clients in a diverse range of industries across East Anglia, nationally and internationally.

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