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B2B Leadership Coach

Core services: B2B Leadership Coaching, Experienced Senior Management Guidance and Support, One-to-One Leadership Mentoring, Business Coaching 

Locations: Norfolk, UK, International

David Brient is a highly qualified Leadership Coach whose credentials are rooted in his own business leadership experience as Group Managing Director of a London office supplies company. 

His early knowledge of B2B leadership coaching and senior management guidance came from this real-world experience as he led the business through a period of extraordinary growth, achieving a turnover in excess of £200M, building a state-of-the-art distribution centre in the heart of the capital and implementing cutting-edge supply chain management systems.


David Brient stands in front of his sailing boat. After his early business successes, David took some time to learn what he wanted to do with his life, and discovered his passion for business coaching and leadership mentoring.

New Horizons – Family, Development and Mentoring

Aged 39, David followed his dreams and left the UK with his family, settling on a small Mediterranean island. Here he launched his new life, pursuing his real passions: personal development and helping others to grow and succeed. 

During this time David established an international coaching practice, channelling his experience and insight into enabling business leaders to overcome challenges and realise their true potential. 

At the core of this new practice were the fundamentals of B2B Leadership Coaching, Experienced Senior Management Guidance and Support; and One-to-One Leadership Mentoring, but he would also develop specialisations in Decision Making, Collaboration Skills and Conflict Management.

One-to-One Leadership Mentoring and Business Coaching from Norfolk, East Anglia

Focusing on the challenges you are facing and the goals you want to achieve, David can act as your guide, delivering an external, objective and constructive perspective. Business is incredibly diverse and even the most gifted leader cannot know everything. Sharing issues and gaining experienced support can enable you to succeed and grow in your role. That’s why One-to-One Leadership Mentoring can be a powerful tool as you grow as a leader or senior manager.

Leadership Mentoring Consultation 

Based in Norfolk but working as a business coach nationally and internationally, David Brient’s coaching credentials include holding the office of East Anglia Chairman for ACE from 2014 – to 2018 and subsequently Chairman of Vistage for the region from 2018 to March 2022. His wide experience has enabled his many clients throughout East England, across the UK and internationally, to achieve their goals.

For an initial consultation on  B2B Leadership Coaching, Experienced Senior Management Guidance and Support; or One-to-One Leadership Mentoring, contact David today.

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