Beliefs and Goals

The Beliefs you choose and the Goals you set are the vital key drivers which will have the greatest impact on your personal effectiveness as a leader.

We are certainly in interesting times! How should we respond to all the noise and misinformation that we are bombarded with every day? How should we role-model the way forward for the benefit of our families and businesses?

There are two fundamental undertakings that will determine how effectively we navigate these early days of 2021: choosing our beliefs and setting our goals. When we look back in a few years’ time with the benefit of hindsight, I hope that what we say is along the following lines.

“In the absence of any certainty with regard to the news media, what I chose to do was to believe in the good intentions and trust the actions of our governments and in their positive projections of what we could achieve. So I focused on believing that the situation would improve dramatically once Covid was under control and the vaccine had been rolled out to a critical mass of our population.”

“The second most important action I took was to start planning and working on the goals I wanted to achieve for the coming year!”

What we choose to believe can free us up from the disabling fear of uncertainty. Once we have decided that there is a way forward and that we are truly committed to a successful future, then it is imperative to set ourselves some meaningful goals.

It is always true to say that when confronted with adversity, there are 3 steps to finding solutions. First, be resolute, get a firm grip of yourself and banish any negative thoughts or self-doubts. Second, get your team totally focused and motivated. Finally, attack the problem with an absolute determination to succeed.

As leaders, choosing positive beliefs is the all-important first step – not allowing ourselves to be drawn into unfounded conspiracy theories which can have a demoralising and disabling effect on our entire team. Then we must set the goals that will take us forward personally to benefit our families and to grow our businesses.

What do you really want and how are you going to make it happen?

So this is always the best time to plan carefully for the year ahead, setting challenging, aspirational goals which will stretch you and call on all your leadership skills, dedication, effort and energy.

There are many different ways of effectively going about the goal-setting process. You may choose to create visible reminders,  experimenting with different formats to find what works best for you. In my role as a Leadership Coach, I find that a combination of both words and pictures facilitates the process most effectively. However, whether you choose to implement PowerPoint, vision boards or any other media is of lesser importance than sharing this process with others who will help by challenging and encouraging you in equal measure to ensure your goals are stretchy and achievable. 

If you would like help in setting the right goals for you and your business this year, please get in touch. I am offering some free initial sessions to help get people started on the road to a more positive life and a more profitable business. I can help you to develop your effectiveness as a leader and give you the encouragement and feedback you need to become the best you can be.

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