VUCA redefined

Transforming the VUCA world

I have for many years been using the acronym VUCA (which was originally used by the military in Afghanistan) as a way to help frame the challenges we face in leadership. When the status quo is eroded, the world in which we operate may appear to be Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

This was never more true than when we all experienced the formidable challenges of Covid whilst already trying to cope with the impending reality of Brexit. So throughout 2020, I often referred to the VUCA world and used it to frame the unexpected twists and turns that we all had to respond to and learn to cope with.

Jeff Ward, the very talented CEO of Pure Safety, a global brand, recently told me that he had heard a great revision of the VUCA acronym, which in itself poses us a challenge as leaders. Our endeavour now must be to create a positive mindset throughout our organisations by replacing Volatility with Vision; turning Uncertainty into Understanding; converting Complexity into Clarity and supplanting Ambiguity with Agility.

What a wonderful challenge this is for all leaders! We can no longer hide behind the VUCA excuse. Now redefined, the acronym expresses a positive credo which will represent a constant reminder of what our role really embodies. We must step up and use every aspect of our skills, gifts and communications to help our people navigate through these unprecedented times.

It is up to us to share our Vision, demonstrating an Understanding of what we need to do and giving our people Clarity so that they can harness their energy and help us make our businesses more Agile and effective.

Whatever sector you are working in, whether for profit or not for profit, NGO or start-up, VUCA redefined conveys an empowering mindset, enabling you to successfully overcome the challenges that you have to address.

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